How To Apply

Our diverse and varied degree programs are designed to uplift research aptitude and instill skill based knowledge to cater the needs of job market.


Go To Website Click here and click Apply Button


Fill the Form and Press Next Button

  1. Select Your Study of Scheme.
  2. Select Your Program.
  3. Select Your Session/Passing Year.
  4. Enter Your UOS Registration No.
  5. Enter Your Roll No.
  6. Press Next Button.


Fill Your Personal Information Carefully

  1. Provide your Valid NIC Number.
  2. Upload Your Passport Size Image with blue background.
  3. Image size should be 700kb or less than.
  4. Image Format should be .jpeg


Fill Your Acadmic Information and Press Apply Button

  1. Choose Your Degree Completion Year Carefully.(for Degree Issue Application Only)
  2. Press Apply Button.


Download Application Form and Fee Voucher

  1. Download/Print Application Form in Potrait Size.
  2. Download/Print Fee Challan in Landscape Size.


For Departmental Verification

  1. Choose Verification type to Departmental.
  2. Enter Departmental Letter No.
  3. Choose Your Department Name Form list.(if your department name not in list then Contact to Controller of the Examinations)
  4. Download/Print Application Form in Potrait Size.
  5. Download/Print Fee Challan in Landscape Size.
  6. Also Attach Verification Letter.Download Verification Letter from given link.Departmental Verification Letter

Important Requirements ضروری ہدایات

  1. Urgent/Beefore time degree shall be issued after 6 month from issuance of final transcript.Moreover, minimum sixty working days are required for preparation of urgent/before time degree.
  2. Minimum sixty working days are required for preparation of duplicate degree.
  3. (Original Bank Challan HBL Collection A/c#00427991796403)
    Past Paid Fee Slip backside of this form.(Fee must be deposited on this computer generated print of online
    challan only)
  4. Photocopy of ResultCard/Transcript/Degree (without attestaion the required to be verified.)
  5. Photocopy of CNIC(Attested)
  6. Affidavit Rs. 50/-(For Duplicate Degree)
  7. Copy of F.I.R. (For Duplicate Degree)
  8. Newspaper Cutting. (For Duplicate Degree)
  9. امیدواران ڈگری ویر یفیکیشن کی درخواست دینے سے قبل رزلٹ / ٹرانسکرپٹ/ ڈگری پردرج کواف چیک کر لیں غلطی کی صورت میں پہلے رزلٹ/ٹرانسکرپٹ/ڈگری درست کرواءیں بصورت دیگر ویریفیکیشن نہ ہوگی۔۔۔
  10. After fullfilling all requirements, send the application form along with above mentioned documents to
    Assistant Controller of Examinations, Degree & Verification Section, Office of the Controller Examinations, Universdity of Sargodha. 40100